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How to make a Will that gives your final wishes the power of law

Are your wishes legally protected?

By making a Will, you are simply ensuring that your final wishes are legally recognised.

More importantly though, writing a last Will and testament gives you the certainty and peace of mind from knowing that your property and possessions (also known as your estate) can be passed on exactly as you want on your death.

Without a Will, the state decides who gets what from your belongings and how much, so those who you would want to benefit may get far less than you hoped. Like most people, you might assume that your property would automatically go to your spouse and children on your death. In fact, their share would be decided by the laws of intestacy which could mean a potentially long and expensive probate process for those hoping to benefit from your estate.

Should you always use a solicitor?

A legally valid will does not require a solicitor to draft or witness it.

You can write your own at any time but it can only have power in law if it is drafted and signed correctly and is up to date. There are books available to show you how to create a Will and some popular online Will writing services such as Ten Minute Will which have received positive reviews from customers.

However, proceeding without a solicitor is really only viable if your affairs are straightforward and even then it is adviseable to have a professional check your Last Will and Testament for any mistakes.

If cost is deterring you from using a Solicitor, there are some cheaper online services that employ Solicitors to check all Wills produced such as My Lawyer who even offer telephone advice from legal professionals as part of the service.

Is it safe to make a Will online?

If your affairs are straightforward, an online will writing service could save you time and money.

The best employ professional Will writers to check your Last Will and Testament and ask you specific questions from which your Will is drafted.

Two popular online Will writing services are GlossLegal and Ten Minute Will. Both use professionals to verify the legal validity of their Wills and provide a range of supportive information during the process of drafting a will.

Whilst there are some good online services that make the process quick and simple, you should be extra careful as a poorly drafted document is almost as bad as having no Will at all. If you are in any doubt about creating Wills online, consult a Solicitor, or a member of the Institute of Professional Will Writers.

If you already have a Will

Is it up to date?

A Will reflects and enforces your wishes at the time it is drawn up. But as life goes on and circumstances change, so might your wishes for how your assets and belongings should be distributed on your death.

You should review your Will at least every five years and after any substantial change to your family or affairs. The most common changes that affect wills are:

Still confused about making a Will?

70% of people still fail to secure their wishes by writing a Will.

Although online Will writing technology makes it easier and cheaper than ever, there are a growing number of options which can lead to confusion.

To help you, we’ve created a simple ‘Will Selector Quiz’ which can narrow down the options in just 6 clicks. To get started just click the button below..