How to Choose an Online Will Writing Service You Can Trust

You can find pages of online Will writing services on the Internet at the click of your mouse. Some work completely online, some via phone and post and others offer a more personal service with will writing consultants or advisers who will visit you at home.

Which method you choose depends upon your personal preference and how much your are expecting and willing to pay to make a Will. One thing you need to remember when selecting a Will writing service is what credentials and level of expertise are you buying.

Anyone can call themselves a Will Writer and start a will writing service, you can even do it yourself with a simple form from a stationery shop. But only a properly trained professional Will writing service can ensure that your Will is correctly drafted. Do it yourself or badly made Wills can be just as bad (and sometimes worse!) than making no Will at all.

So here’s some our top tips for getting it right first time…

Tips for Choosing an Online Will Writing Service

How Much Should an Online Will Cost?

The majority of online will writing services simply write your will based on your personal details and cost between £30 – £100, but generally don’t offer any legal advice. Their service is based upon standard legal phrases that have been tested by legal precedent. For more complex affairs some solicitors offer online will writing with limited legal advice from around £70.

Popular Online Will Writers to Consider

A few of the most popular will writing services are listed below for your convenience. However, this is not a complete review of all such services available and does not constitute a recommendation or legal advice. Use common sense and bear in mind the points above.

Online Will Writer Service Comparison

Service Feature GlossLegal Legal Wills My Lawyer Net Lawman Ten Minute Will Will Drafters
Make a Will Online Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Telephone & Postal Service Yes No No No No Yes
Home Visits No No No No No No
Money-back Guarantee Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Checked by Will Writer No No No Yes Yes Yes
Checked by Solicitor Yes Yes Yes No No No
Covered by Insurance Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Society of Will Writers Member No No No No Yes No
Secure Site Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes N\a
Single Will £34.95 £39.95 £95 £96 £19.99 +vat £86
Mirror Will £89.95 40% discount £145 £96 £37.99 +vat £129
Power of Attorney No No Yes No £35.95 No
Discretionary Trust Will No No No No £89.95 Yes
Printing & Binding Service Yes No No No from £19.95 Yes
Will Storage Service £19.95 Yes Yes Yes (free) from £19.95 Yes
Full Review GlossLegal Review Legal Wills Review My Lawyer Review Net Lawman Review Ten Minute Will Review Will Drafters Review

This is only a brief summary of the Will writing services reviewed. Although we make every effort to ensure our reviews are accurate and up to date; prices, terms and conditions are subject to change. Therefore reviews may be dated, partial or inaccurate; and should not be solely relied upon without conducting your own independent research before deciding to make a purchase or other course of action.

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